The OnCall Cyber™ Story Starts with IR Global

Even as podcasts extolled the benefits of the Cyber Crisis Team offering from OnCall Cyber™, the story of the company’s formation originates from the mission of IR Global of bringing talented professionals together to make meaningful partnerships that reach around the globe. In the past week, IR Global’s Trusted Partner, Doug DePeppe of cyber law firm eosedge Legal was featured in a breach coaching podcast first.  A few days later, IR Global member Brian Meegan of Evergent Law was featured in a cyber insurance podcast. Between them, other OnCall Cyber™ partners were featured in podcasts to discuss the Cyber Crisis Team model and to talk about the bundled Incident Response team. While these podcasts were published during Cyber Security Month in the US in the past week, IR Global actually facilitated the genesis of the partnership all the way back in 2017! That’s where the IR Global connection story begins, because the story of Brian and Doug’s partnership is an illustration of the value of IR Global and its network of talented professionals.

In 2017, at the On the Road event in San Francisco, Doug delivered a talk on cyber threats and illustrated an open-source intelligence negotiation in the dark web concerning hacking tools. In attendance that day was Brian Meegan, and the two met up for drinks and food afterward. Since both practiced law in Colorado, it made for a convenient opportunity to get to know one another better. However, the pathway toward partnering together in OnCall Cyber™ took more time to emerge. Some years later, the two coincidentally met at the gate at JFK Airport in New York as both were attending another IR Global event in Chicago. Both Brian and Doug had been visiting their respective families in the New York/New Jersey area and happened to have booked the same flight to Chicago. Doug immediately struck up a conversation concerning Brian’s separate paralegal services company, which sparked immediate interest to continue the dialogue.

The OnCall Cyber™ business plan was already partially formed, with incident response, cyber insurance, and channel partnership connections already arranged. Brian’s paralegal shop was quickly added to the team. Now they had all the components for their bundled cyber subscription product.

Since then, at other IR Global events, Doug and Brian have received interest, feedback and referrals from other IR Global members about OnCall Cyber™. Members have also been exposed to and expressed interest in the CyberJuris Network, which serves as a partner and capability provider to OnCall Cyber™.  From the perspective of IR Global, it is particularly rewarding and actually a manifestation of the business model to witness, and indirectly assist, the genesis of a new professional endeavor between two recognizable and valued contributors to the IR Global community. 

Please reach out to Doug or Brian to learn more about OnCall Cyber™. The podcasts are available on the site of the CyberJuris Network