The Intoxicating Hemp Derivatives MarketBy Robert Hoban

All of the hemp plant’s uses and contrivances must be respected for the hemp family of uses to exist. This year’s NoCo brought me down memory lane, as I recalled the various industry consumer product trends over the past nine NoCo Hemp Expos, like CBD, hemp flower, hemp cigarettes, CBG, THCa, etc. Today’s market trend is Delta-8 THC and related compounds, such as Delta-10 THC, Delta-11 THC, HHC, and the like. Numerous states are actively promulgating regulations to ensure that these compounds are produced and sold in a manner that is safe and consumer friendly.

These products fall into a category that I generally describe as Intoxicating Hemp Derivatives (”IHDs”). Make no mistake about it, IHDs are very much here to stay. So much so that economists and market analysts are beginning to categorize “cannabinoids” as a third distinct sector of the broad and sweeping cannabis industry.