The importance of virtual networking

Networking has always been a key tool for businesses; attending networking events and building relationships is crucial for business growth. But what are the benefits of doing this virtually?

No geographical restrictions – Virtual networking enables you to access someone on the other side of the world in seconds from any device with internet access. This is particularly useful when world events can prevent international travel or even if you just have a busy day-to-day life.

Opens doors to new opportunities – A global reach subsequently allows you to access clients and partners you would not otherwise have access to. You can also exchange fresh ideas and gain new perspectives via a simple message.

Increased bandwidth – You’re able to network with more people in a faster time frame, and you’re not limited to the number of people attending a certain event; useful for occasions where you have specific needs and are limited on time.

Using a professional social media network like LinkedIn is no longer just ‘nice to do’, it is an essential for building working relationships and is a way to cement yourself as trustworthy and professional. In many cases, your virtual presence can be more important than your physical presence, particularly with the rise of remote working.

That’s why we’re hosting our two-week virtual event starting  this Monday (6th February), and it’s not too late to sign up!

Businesses have faced huge challenges over the past few years, so the event will be focusing on the trends and opportunities to be ready for in 2023, connecting you with the right individual and firms and giving you access to virtually engage and network with high-quality, experienced advisors.

Sponsored by Malone & Co, Maprima, and Mark Copeland Lawyers, we have some great sessions on the itinerary. From regional and speed networking sessions to practice management and crypto discussions, there’s an event to suit your practice. 

With members from all over the world in attendance, this is an opportunity not to be missed. You can find the schedule below. Just click on the time that works best for you to sign up (please note that all session times are listed in GMT).


Monday 6th FebruaryIR Global Marketing Session
Closed Session – please email [email protected] for more information
08:00 GMT
16:00 GMT
Tuesday 7th FebruaryGlobal Mobility – The impact of a cross-border workforce08:00 GMT
16:00 GMT
Wednesday 8th FebruaryOpportunities and deals in 2023 – Prospects, tips and traps08:00 GMT
16:00 GMT
Thursday 9th FebruaryBlockchain, Crypto and the plans to regulate – where are we now?08:00 GMT
16:00 GMT
Friday 10th FebruarySpeed Networking 08:00 GMT
16:00 GMT
Tuesday 14th FebruaryAsia Pacific Regional Session 07:00 GMT
Tuesday 14th FebruaryLATAM Regional Session
Closed Session – please email [email protected] for more information
16:00 GMT
Wednesday 15th FebruaryMENA: A Changing Landscape15:00 GMT
Wednesday 15th FebruaryEnergy Sector Session
Closed Session – please email [email protected] for more information
16:00 GMT
Thursday 16th FebruaryPractice Management: Succession Planning Hosted by trusted partner Panalitix08:00 GMT
Thursday 16th FebruaryPractice Management: Recruitment 16:00 GMT
Friday 17th FebruarySpeed Networking 08:00 GMT
16:00 GMT

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