The Geoffrey Blue Law Firm obtained another success recently

One of its developer clients was sued for a significant amount of damages, including the placement of a baseless lien on its property. After asserting aggressive counterclaims, including asserting the plaintiff filed a fraudulent lien, and litigating the matter for several months, the opposing party capitulated. We showed its claims were unfounded and that our client would most likely prevail in court and receive a significant damages award, including recovering its attorney’s fees.  The plaintiffs folded and agreed to a settlement by which they will pay our client a substantial payment instead.  Our aggressive litigation and thoughtful strategy brought about this successful resolution. 

This case highlights that aggressive counterclaims (and potentially claims against individuals) and hiring appropriate experts can force an opposing party to re-think its litigation strategy.  When your business is at risk you need strategic thinking like this. The Geoffrey Blue Law Firm is the firm you want on your side when you have to fight the good fight.  Their experience on various litigation, corporate and political matters gives them an edge over opposing counsel.