Talking Referrals: The Benefits Of Being An IR Global Member

What does your IR Global membership mean to you?

In our latest ‘Talking Referrals’ video, our members discuss the benefits of being a member of the IR Global network for them and their clients. They reveal the referrals they’ve generated and the benefits of having international links.

Relationships between IR Global members often go beyond business referrals – Paris Suktitipat emphasises how many of theses partnerships go on to become friendships:

“We work together, referring clients to each other, sharing knowledge with each other. We are more than a business partner, but friends.”

– Paris Suktitipat, Optimum Accounting Services, Thailand

One of the main benefits of IR Global membership is having access to trusted, vetted professionals all over the world. For our members, this widens their capabilities, allowing them to become a one-stop-shop to meet their client’s needs. James Conomos highlights the opportunities that become available to smaller firms through having international connections:

“Even though we’re somewhat isolated from the Northern Hemisphere, we have a lot of clients that need advice in different jurisdictions around the world. Rather than lose those clients to a big top four firm, IR Global means we have local partners on the ground in those jurisdictions.”

– James Conomos, James Conomos Lawyers, Australia

With most of our members being boutique to mid-sized firms, their reputation is of the utmost importance. Nevin Sanli discusses how he wants to be seen as a problem solver, providing good quality references he can trust:

“That’s what I want – to be a problem solver for people who ask me if I know someone. I’m glad to share my Rolodex with other trusted advisors…people that I can vouch for.”

– Nevin Sanli, Sanli Pastore & Hill, California

A great big thank you to our ten members featured throughout the video: Adrienne Braumiller, Nevin Sanli, Paris Suktitipat, Robert Schuler, Erwin Shustak, Stéphane Bertouille, James Conomos, Georgia Coats, Duncan Stannett & Michael Parkinson.

You can watch the full video below:

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