Social Sponsor – Larry Soldinger of LJ Soldinger Associates, LLC


Larry Soldinger is IR Globals Exclusive Member for Audit & Assurance Services in Illinois, he sat with IR Global in Chicago and introduced his firm, speaks about how he utilises his membership with IR Global, tells us about his referral activity within in the network and his involvement in the IR Global ‘On the Road’ Conference in Chicago.

Larry founded L J Soldinger Associates (“LJSA”), a full service international certified public accounting firm in 1989, and currently serves as the firm’s managing partner. He has spent his career evaluating companies, negotiating and structuring transactions, and assisting in obtaining funding for his clients. He has numerous business contacts throughout the world and provides international financial and accounting services to his many clients. LJSA is a firm highly regarded for its consulting services on mergers and acquisitions and auditing and accounting services to both privately held and publicly held companies. The firm is well known and respected for its traditional accounting services as well as for a variety of other non-traditional business consulting services, including corporate planning, budgeting, forensic accounting, workout and turnaround services and cash and pre-cash crisis management.

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