Sicily, divorce as contemporary art


Justice has seized the paintings that José María Sicilia exhibited in ARCO for non-payments in his agreement with his ex-partner.

There have been many and very famous marriages of artists in the history of art in the last century: there are the cases of Helen Frankentaler and Robert Motherwell, Frida Kahlo and Diego, Rivera, Picasso and Dora Maar, Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock or Sonia and Robert Delaunay –to name a few–. Couples break up and divorces have always been the order of the day – as in any other area of ​​life. But few ruptures are causing as much talk as the one involving the painter José María Sicilia and his second wife, the French Elisabeth Marie de Bezalaire de Boucheporn. The last episode of this stormy divorce occurred during the latest edition of ARCO, which ended yesterday. A court in Madrid ordered the seizure of four works from the “Raconte-toi” series, exhibited at the stand of the Chantal Crousel gallery – pieces made on paper, digital printing, watercolor, tempera and silk. The works were sold in pairs, and each of them was worth 100,000 euros.