Should your business post on social media during the holiday season?

As 2022 comes to a close, many businesses will be starting to wind down for the holiday season.

Here in the UK, Christmas is widely celebrated and it is not unusual for businesses to close in the period between Christmas and New Year (25th Dec-1st Jan). However in Egypt for example, if observed, Christmas is typically celebrated on 7th January. Hanukkah also falls within a similar period this year, spanning from the 18th-26th December. Other holidays celebrated across the world around this time include Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa and Lunar New Year. Even if you’re not personally celebrating any holidays, chances are some of your clients or partners are.

So, what’s the protocol regarding your online presence during this time period?

With less people at their desks, now may not be the time for long emails or big announcements – they can wait until the new year. But while the working world may temporarily quieten down, social media use does not. If anything, it increases. LinkedIn research shows that people ‘continue to avidly consume more content in their downtime’. Your audience is always on, and you should be too.

The holiday season can be a great opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level. After all, every client or partner is fundamentally a human. Why not share any activities that your company is getting up to, such as an end of year team meal? Seeing the faces behind your operations increases trust between you and your clients.

You can also showcase your values, whether you’re hosting a charity event (we recently had a charity Christmas Jumper Day) or spending time with family. This can improve your brand image and reputation, allowing you once again to relate to your audience on a personal level.

Furthermore, social media is likely the best way to keep your audience informed of office closures or changes in office hours over the festive period.

Keeping yourself at the forefront of your audience’s minds while your competitors go silent may even help you to secure yourself some additional business in the new year!

Ultimately though, choosing whether or not to post during the holiday season is entirely at your discretion. The answer to this question can depend on a number of factors, including your location, audience and personal business needs. This is why IR Global delivers a tailored social media approach for each client.

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