September Meetups!

We had a number of member meetups throughout September, which we always love to see!

Since 2010 our community has grown to over 1,300 members worldwide, based on the principles of friendship, trust, and a shared belief in going beyond the traditional role of the adviser.

Over the past month, the following meetings have taken place, arranged by our members:

  • Harini from Eshwars House of Corporate & IPR Laws (India) met Catherine and Jordan of Mirkwood Evans Vincent (England) at IR Offices
  • Ilya Umanskiy of Current Consulting (Hong Kong) met with Coskun Olcer of Occam Research (England) in London
  • Richard L Sussman & Michael E Lefowitz of Rosenberg & Estis, P.C. met Joel J Greenwald of Greenwald Doherty LLP for dinner in New York
  • Vimal Damry of Premier Financial Services Limited (Mauritius & Seychelles) travelled to New Delhi and met with Seema Jhingan of LexCounsel
  • Gilad Berman from Gilad Berman Law Firm & Notary (Israel) met Alexis Ortega & Cory Darnell from The Burton Law Firm in Sacramento, along with some other members during his US trip
  • Orit Hayoun of Orit Hayoun Law Firm (Israel) and Dr. Peter Diedrich (Germany) met in Berlin

If you’ve met up with other members recently, we hope you enjoyed yourself, and please do send us a photo! It makes our day to see our members having a great time together 😊