Read our new publication – ‘All Change’

We are living and working through a period of immense change. This can be both scary and exhilarating. Our latest publication, ‘All Change’, explores the world’s shifting geopolitical and economic climate.

Among its pages, you’ll find fresh perspectives from 43 IR Global members on new changes, challenges and opportunities, and how they are impacting their jurisdiction – giving you the advice and information you need to navigate a shifting commercial landscape.

They answer a series of questions and provide their top tips across a range of themes, including:


At the forefront of the professional services industry, our disputes members discuss the measures in place to assist with court pressures, how litigation is handled within their jurisdiction and if Chat GPT is being used.


Our employment members discuss the global shift to more ‘progressive’ workplace practices and how employment law is changing to reflect this, examining whether their jurisdiction is embracing new ways of working or if there is a resistance to change.


Our commercial members offer their thought leadership on what the current appetite is for investment in foreign companies and explore how geopolitical and economic fluctuations might affect commercial opportunities.


With globalisation blurring geographic borders, our transactional members discuss how share-holders can protect themselves in cross-border proceedings, which sectors are most active, and how they are responding to the complications of cross-border cases.

Accountancy & Corporate Services

Our accountancy and corporate services members discuss both unique challenges and new economic opportunities to be aware of within their jurisdictions, including growth potential, tax incentives and business-friendly legislation.


With the rise of AI-powered creators, our IP members explain how to navigate potential IP infringement and discuss the biggest IP risks within their jurisdictions.

Private Client & Tax

Finally, our private client and tax members share their expertise regarding new tax laws, issues and benefits in their jurisdictions. They also delve into the personal liabilities trustees need to be aware of when entering commercial contracts.

As we come to the end of 2023 and move ahead to 2024, it is wise to examine what to expect in your industry in the year ahead, and our contributing members discuss this in depth.

Download and read the full publication here.