Protecting Intellectual Property may be the biggest worry, you’ll be doing business in China

But with the experienced attorneys of IPO Pang Xingpu in- country and on your side, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

On paper China supports IP protection and counterfeit crackdowns, but enforcing the law is such a massive undertaking, the rules often fall by the wayside.

That’s where IPO Pang Xingpu comes in. They handle all aspects of IP law including trademarks, copyrights, patents and industrial design.


When it comes to counterfeiting operations,

IPO Pang Xingpu works with local authorities to:

*Arrange manage and oversee investigations,

*Execute raids on factories and distribution centers

*And educate customs to spot counterfeit products and stop the their export.


IPO Pang Xingpu also specializes in trademark buybacks, working with other, 3rd party companies and paying local prices.

But the protection is not just on the ground .

IPO Pang Xingpu also monitors infringement activity on line, working with China’s largest internet company, alibaba, to ensure client trademarks and copyrights are respected.

At IPO Pang Xingpu, their motto is investigate, litigate and eliminate.

So if you want a team that will work hard protecting your business interests in china. Visit… Or email [email protected].  You can also call them.

IPO Pang Xingpu doesn’t sell time, they sell solutions.