Pro Bono Work

Our attorneys share a strong commitment to the provision of legal services free of charge for charitable purposes (“pro bono legal advice”) and MJM is committed to facilitating and encouraging such service. It is because of pro bono service that many people are able to obtain access to justice that might otherwise be denied to them — it is a powerful force inside the practice of law.

We engage in a lot of pro bono legal work, including, but not limited to:

  • Bermuda Women’s Resource Centre (Jennifer A Haworth, JP)
  • Bermuda Legal Advice Centre Fozeia Rana-Fahy, Jennifer A Haworth, JP)
  • Bermuda Centre for Abuse
  • Age Concern (Hil de Frias, Denis de Frias)
  • Bermuda Ministry of Health, Seniors and Environment – Seniors Advisory Council
  • Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre (Jennifer A Haworth, JP)
  • Bermuda Hospital Board Charitable Trust
  • Bermuda National Trust (Alan W Dunch, JP)
  • Centre for Justice
  • Bermuda Sloop Foundation (Alan W Dunch, JP)
  • The Bermuda Festival (Alan W Dunch, JP)
  • The Bermuda Feline Assistance Bureau (Alan W Dunch, JP)
  • Project 100 (Denis de Frias)
  • The Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies (Quorum Limited)