PR Opportunities in 2023

Every firm, no matter what size, has to maintain its reputation for continued success. Producing press releases (PR) is an important strategy for firms to achieve certain goals and improve their brand image. 

Often overlooked, this type of content strategy has the potential to reach a larger audience than normal, However, most businesses are unsure on how to combine their marketing efforts with PR to gain the full benefits. At IR Global, we’re always looking to boost the global reach of our member’s content marketing efforts with the help of reputable PR partnerships.

PR media outlets we use

We’re proud to be associated with some of the largest and most credible third-party platforms in the professional services industry: 

  • Law360
  • WIPR (World IP Review) 
  • Levick
  • The Fintech Times
  • New Law Journal

Benefits of PR as a member

Position your firm as an industry leader

Client trust is driven by real engagements, opinions, and reviews. Your firm must be perceived as reliable and trustworthy – PR is a great opportunity to solidify that trust.

Through press releases, our members are able to share unique insight and expertise on specific topics, increasing a user’s trust in the content they produce. It’s a great way for your firm to separate itself from your competitors, establish credibility and help you control the narrative.

Global reach

PR allows you to share relevant content with a particular target audience. Not only are you pushing your knowledge out to relevant users, but it can also gain traction with a wider audience outside of your network. 

The difference between a standard advertisement and publishing a press release is its authenticity. Communicating to your target audience with the right content at the right time can have a bigger impact on improving your firm’s brand image and recognition.

Combined with your IR Global membership, this can be an effective way to reach new audiences or potential clients in different marketplaces, who might have been aware of your services through your current content marketing strategy. 

Organic SEO

PR is a great way to increase your company website’s online presence. If carried out properly, your publication will be featured across reputable websites, passing on credibility to your own website and in turn improving the positioning of your keywords, increasing your organic traffic. The more reads, shares, and engagements your publication receives, the more credible it will be from a search engine’s perspective. 

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