Post-Brexit means emerging markets for the UK: ISFIN teams up with agile English law firm

Katherine Evans, founder and Senior Partner at MIRKWOOD EVANS VINCENT and Prof. Laurent Marlière, CEO of ISFIN announced they will collaborate to make the most of the current British situation towards emerging markets.

There has been a significant drop in FDI since the Brexit referendum, but since the effective Brexit, the UK has nevertheless made British companies more attractive and cheaper for foreign investors due to the fall of the pound. According to Laurent Marlière, in order to perpetuate this situation and allow a resumption of safe investments, it is necessary to be accompanied by experienced consultants and experts with a thorough knowledge of the UK market and an understanding of the different national industries.

Now that the UK said farewell to the EU, many players, including the government itself are reigniting their relationship with commonwealth countries which are emerging markets. This very substantial shift will impact both inbound and outbound FDI’s to and from the UK.

There is more to the United Kingdom than London. This partnership with Mirkwood Evans Vincent, who are well established in central England will help us to provide a quality service to meet the various challenges inherent to emerging markets. Mirkwood Evans Vincent is ideal to guide clients in both inward investment for international clients and setting up or buying businesses in the UK and global expansion for UK clients wishing to export their goods and services to the rest of the world.

Katherine Evans, founder and Senior Partner at MIRKWOOD EVANS VINCENT, studied Philosophy at Cambridge and then worked in marketing and business development, before changing her focus to re-train as a lawyer. She first set up Legal Hobbit in 2007 with Corinne Vincent who joined the company in 2010 and re-branded it as Mirkwood Evans Vincent in 2014. Prior to founding her firm, she worked at AT&T, holding several positions within the international legal group, including senior counsel for AT&T’s international outsourcing business. Katherine heads up the business technology law department, expert in business technology law and telecommunications law she focus on: Complex, multi-jurisdictional business-to-business telecommunications and technology agreements /Legal and regulatory compliance issues in the international telecommunications and technology sectors/ General Terms and Conditions of Sale for Standard and New Technology and Telecommunications Products and Services/ Cloud software and services development and licensing agreements, and intellectual property rights agreements/ Virtual in-house legal services for the telecommunications and business technology sectors.

About Mirkwood Evans Vincent
Mirkwood Evans Vincent is a dynamic UK law firm, with offices in London, Brighton and the West Midlands. Their team of highly experienced and skilled technology and property lawyers has achieved a leading position in their areas of expertise by delivering quality and value to their clients. They have a reputation for being pragmatic and commercial in their approach and ensure that their efforts are translated into practical and realistic results. In addition, all work provided is partner-driven, meaning that a key person oversees every aspect of every transaction. Internationally, the team has worked with clients doing business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and USA. The firm has developed particular business and regulatory expertise in the Middle East and Africa regions.

ISFIN -Emerging Markets Advisors – is a global advisory active in 75 countries. It acts as a business facilitator between East and West and has a unique knowledge of the Middle East, African and Asian markets. The organization is supported by a network composed of the most innovative and highly regarded independent law, audit & accounting firms. It has a deal room offering off market investment opportunities to clever investors.

Contact Information
Laurent Marlière, CEO ISFIN
+(32) 475422149
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Katherine Evans, Senior Partner at M.E.V.
+44 (0)20 3034 1091
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