Post-Barcelona Reflection 🇪🇸

Hello everyone, some of you may know me already but my name is Charly and I joined IR Global in June as a social media specialist. I’ve just got back from my first conference and would like to share my thoughts on my time in Barcelona.

Firstly, what an amazing opportunity to travel to Barcelona as part of the IR team and stay in The W Hotel! I felt honored to be invited and spend 5 days with such a wonderful group of people. Drinks on the sundeck, dinner at the Maritime Museum, and a walking tour of the city were all beautiful experiences.

Secondly, I felt extremely lucky to meet so many members. Despite having only worked at IR for 4 months, I’ve emailed and zoomed many members, but getting to meet “IRL” (in real life) gives a depth that you just can’t quite get online. Whether it was a simple passing “hello”, a drink in the bar, or a sit-down meeting, getting to chat with so many of you really made my trip.

However, I must say the overall highlight of the conference was seeing how genuinely happy members were to see each other. I got to witness firsthand the friendships people have made through the network, as well as working relationships. The joy in peoples’ eyes when they spot a friend across the room was truly magical to see.

I’ll be honest, the trip was exhausting, and I was glad to see my own bed at the end of it, but it was certainly a week full of hard work, laughs, and great people, that I’ll never forget.

Charly ✌️