Charlotte Weeds

Prior to working in IR Charlotte worked for 16 years with children and adults with learning difficulties. In her role as Senior Client Manager, she works closely with fellow Client Managers to ensure all our member needs are met and they continually benefit from being part of the network. “After a warm welcome to the […]

Kate Cowley

Kate comes from a background of managing customer service and enjoys building new relationships with clients. She ensures our members are utilising their membership as much as possible and helps them benefit from the network with member meetings and connections! She enjoys taking vacations to new places, good food and attending live music events when […]

Emma Simmons

Emma comes from a commercial and retail background. As a client manager she is always looking to go the extra mile for all our members ensuring they are utilising their membership to the full. Family is everything to Emma, in her spare time if she’s not watching football, decorating, or walking her Labrador Bella she […]

Rebecca Benbow

Becky has had a lengthy career at IR Global and is our Operations & Culture Manager. Her main objective is to champion, support, and progress IR Global’s values and future development. She works strategically with all our IR teams in order to continually develop the IR network. “Organising & attending IR Global events has been […]

Rachel Finch

Rachel started at IR Global as a Client Manager in 2012. She left us to travel before re-joining in 2017 as our Head of Digital & Sponsorships. Rachel leads our Digital team and is here to manage the success of our marketing & brand services which are aimed at adding further value to our members, […]

Tez Wu

Tez originally joined IR Global at the end of 2014 as Social Media Manager – members may recognise him from conferences as the guy with the camera! He left to go live abroad before re-joining in 2022 as our Digital Marketing Manager. He works closely with Rachel and Becca to deliver IR’s digital marketing output. […]

Annie Elsmore

Annie is one of our Social Media Executives. Prior to her role at IR, she single-handedly (literally) ran the social media channels for a market-leading labelling software company, amongst a number of other marketing operations. “It’s amazing to see the impact that a good social media presence can have on a business. No matter how […]

Becca Guice

Becca is our Digital Marketing Executive. Before starting at IR Global, she worked at a creative agency providing social, digital, and video content for a range of sectors including medical, automotive, and education. “It’s great to be part of the IR family, a brand with a strong and trusted global identity. I can’t wait to […]

Charly Roden

Charly is one of our social media executives, here to run your social media accounts and increase the visibility of your firm. Before IR Global, she worked in the communications team for a programme facilitating young people’s international travels to work and study abroad, as well as organising events for local authorities. “I love working […]

Lorna Scott

Lorna is our Events Manager at IR Global and previously worked as one of our Client Managers since IR’s inception. Her main role is building and producing our IR events internationally each year and delivering the highest quality speakers, content and sessions for our members. “It has been a great privilege to be part of […]

Emma Jerome

Emma joins IR Global from a diverse events background. “I love working in the events team putting events together. I enjoy all the bits and pieces that pull an event together so that all of our members enjoy the events we host.”

Thomas Wheeler

Thomas Wheeler (AKA Tom) is the founder of IR. Today he primarily responsible for event content curation and plays an active role in management decisions and organizational strategy. Tom is a firm believer in social justice and also heads up the Sinchi Foundation (IR’s NGO), which supports the rights of indigenous peoples worldwide. Furthermore, in […]

Ross Nicholls

Ross has spent his whole career in sales and marketing. His focus has been on brand development and building supply networks within a B2B environment. Much of his career has been spent overseas, which have given him a fantastic insight into different working cultures and what international advisors are looking from their partners. Ross manages […]

Samuel Roberts

Samuel joined IR in 2012 and is one the longest standing team members. Before joining IR he worked for one of the UK’s most reputable Insurance companies where he was the personal contact for some of their largest clients. This allowed him to develop strong skills in both Sales and Business Support which are key […]

Oliver Sillett

Oliver has a strong background in sales, marketing and business management, working with existing IR members in developing and supporting their international marketing strategy. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in international business and marketing, Oliver is well-versed in working with firms from various sectors and working cultures. Oliver provides support to members on a daily basis […]

Toby Lawrence

Toby sits within the Business Development team where he works to further expand our membership base, fulfilling member requests. “I love working with the IR team and seeing the network grow”

Holly Poole

Holly sits within the Business Development team where she works to further expand our membership base, fulfilling member requests. “I love working with the team, seeing new members join the group and thrive.”

Jenny Fairbotham

Jenny sits within our Business Development Team and works diligently to ensure our memberships are successful. “I enjoy speaking to the members and listening to their great experiences of being an IR Global member.” Outside of work Jenny enjoys reading books, cross-stitching and spending quality family time with family.

Roxy Scott

Roxy Scott is a Boxer who is a long-standing member of the team and the first IR office dog! She has seen the network grow substantially over the past 8 years and loves to be part of the team. Her owner Lorna is our Events Manager and makes sure everyone knows Roxy is the boss […]

Vinny Roberts

Vinny is a Hungarian Vizsla owned by Sam Roberts and is a loved member of our Business Development Team. Vinny’s favourite things are spending time with his dad, running and playing hide and seek around the office.

Skye Weeds

Skye Weeds is a Border Collie rescued from the Isle of Skye by her owner Charlie Weeds. She keeps the team motivated, loves long lunch walks in the countryside around the office, and also her sheep toy.

Floyd Sillett

Floyd Sillett is a Maltipoo who is the newest addition to the IR Global team. Floyd is still getting to grips with the office environment and certainly keeps the IR team (including his dad Oliver) on their toes!