Our Time to RISE, a Business for Good book

As organisations adapt to the complexities of globalisation, a growing strain on natural resources and the environment, the influx of new technologies, use of social media and increased transparency, with a societal approach to business and ethical behaviour is more important than ever. 

Through our Business for Good initiative, we encourage business leaders to ‘think and act long-term’ in order to enhance business performance and pursue profit responsibly for the benefit of companies, their stakeholders and wider society. 

A company’s success is no longer measured solely by their financial performance. Consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) and their impact has never been so critical. 

Understanding and developing the right corporate culture is fundamental to boards. The right corporate culture goes a long way in re building public trust and also enables boards to provide effective leadership and direction to the business. 

At CBM, we have specific experience to support our clients implement effective strategies which will help grow their businesses sustainably. 


The practical step-by-step system in ‘Our time to RISE‘ gives you everything you need to become a Business for Good. Everything you need to have a more profoundly positive effect on the world than you ever dared to imagine. And everything you need to make your business more rewarding for everyone it touches.
‘Our Time to Rise’ is a completely free downloadable book, with a foreword from our very own Stéphane Bellanger.