‘On the Road’ Bangkok 2023 – Round-Up

We recently welcomed 120+ members from more than 50 jurisdictions to Asia’s powerhouse, Bangkok, for our ‘On the Road’ conference.

Sponsors of this event

Headline: The Burton Law Firm, PC, Blumenthal Richter & Sumet – Attorneys and Legal Counselors and James Conomos Lawyers

Social: Optimum Accounting Services, HLG Accountants & Advisors, and Bavelaar & Bavelaar Advocaten & Rechtsanwälte

Exhibitor: SGLA Law Firm

Day one

The conference kicked off with headline sponsors Jeb Burton (Burton Law Firm, PC) and Robert Schuler (Blumenthal Richter & Sumet) hosting a fantastic initial pre-event drinks party at the stunning Three Sixty Jazz Lounge (Millennium Hilton Bangkok). This allowed members to connect ahead of the main conference. 

Day two

The following day saw members involved in a Practice Management session, where they discussed topics surrounding the changes to remuneration packages, whilst simultaneously increasing efficiency and productivity within their teams. We then had 60+ members participate in a speed networking hour, giving you the chance to connect with Asia-Pacific based members.

In the evening, we enjoyed an opening drinks reception at the Shangri-La. This relaxed setting was perfect for networking, allowing members to connect with our social sponsors – Paris Suktitipat (Optimum Accounting Services), as well as Gerard de Gooijer and Carlos Apapoe (HLG Accountants & Advisors). 

Day three 

The third day of the ‘On the Road’ conference saw attendees sharing valuable knowledge and ideas through networking table sessions. This allowed members to share experiences from their jurisdictions, whilst gaining insight from other members and their jurisdictions. 

Following this we had the main presentations, including an Asia panel discussion involving our key speakers, Dr. Guojian Xu (SGLA Law Firm), Robert Schuler (Blumenthal Richter & Sumet – Attorneys and Legal Counselors) and Lisa Theng (CNPLaw LLP). They opened up conversations surrounding the current business landscape in Asia, and what to be aware of when establishing business relationships, whilst being mindful of cultural differences.

Members also engaged in presentations from:

  • Content for cross-referrals and how to create assets to amplify word-of-mouth marketing – Paul Evans 
  • The Leadership Imperative – Simon Tupman 
  • IR Global group updates – Tom Wheeler (IR Global, Founder) and Ross Nicholls (IR Global, Business Development Director). 

After a productive morning spent listening to speakers, watching presentations, and networking, members were ready for the luxury evening dinner. They were transported via a scenic boat trip across the Chao Phraya River to arrive at the Sala Rim Naam

The evening dinner provided an opportunity to network in a relaxed location whilst sampling some of Thailand’s delicious and authentic flavours. 

A huge thanks to our social sponsor Paul Bavelaar of Bavelaar & Bavelaar, for sponsoring this dinner!

Day four

Day four into the conference and members gathered in the morning for practice area breakout sessions, discussing various topics such as emerging investment and real estate opportunities for 2023 and how litigation is handled in Asia’s jurisdictions – plus much more! 

Shortly after a morning of insightful sessions, members enjoyed a relaxing closing reception on a cruise along the Chaophraya river! They spent time unwinding with drinks and canapes and catching up with fellow members on their experiences during our ‘On the Road’ conference.

Day five

As our ‘On the Road’ Conference comes to end, there was one last trip in-store for members that opted to join our Bangkok temple tour and lunch today. With around 85% of the Bangkok population practicing Theravada Buddhism, Bangkok is home to many beautiful temples and we couldn’t leave without seeing them! 

After all the difficulties everybody has faced in recent years, Bangkok was a truly successful conference, allowing members to come together from all over the world and to share great ideas.