Oller Abogados welcomes Luis Pal

2020 signaled a commitment in the evolution of Oller Abogados. Currently we are focused on being certified as an ISO9001 enterprise.

If the pandemic taught us anything it is that we need to change and adapt. We are committed to grow and improve. We are focused on innovating and evolving our practice and how it best impacts our clients.

Since September 1st Luis Pal has been part of our law firm as the partner in charge of our rethought Intellectual Property area and will be collaborating with real estate and legal financial concerns upon his incorporation. Mister Pal was a board member of Banco Nacional, the largest banking institution in the country and one of the most important in the region as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Public Registry.

Our senior partner, Pedro Oller, welcomed Luis with these words: “Luis and Oller Abogados met perfectly. First because there is no better beacon for Oller Abogados than Mister Pal in terms of Intellectual Property. Our growing concerns with regards to innovation meant we needed to find answers and with Luis we can do a giant leap ahead. Jointly we have also identified important partnerships with regards to real estate, financial and immigration concerns. I am very pleased in welcoming him and to think of our convergence moving forward.

Likewise, Mister Pal stated: “I know I can count on a highly capable team and that is why I am undertaking the challenge of leading a new offering of Intellectual Property services for those clients we are to share and those where we will make a difference, at Oller Abogados we have what it takes to shine. I have been asked additionally to identify how best to grow in other legal sectors and that fills me with joy as I know I can bring my experience in such diverse areas a condominium managements or the banking industry.

Oller Abogados remains a boutique full-service law firm in Costa Rica for expertise, personalized service, and reach. Oller Abogados are proud members of Legalink, IRGlobal and IurisGal.