Oklahoma delegation to Dutch Design Week and Creativity World Forum

For the past year through my role as Chair of the Oklahoma Governor’s International Team, I have had the opportunity to develop a relationship with innovative entrepreneurial contacts in the North Brabant region of the Netherlands. Last fall I was invited to come back to attend Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven NL and the Creativity World Forum in Aarhus, Denmark, in partnership with a fellow local organization, Creative Oklahoma. For the past year, we have collaborated with our entrepreneurial colleagues in North Brabant to create an organization that would provide the platform for a sustainable relationship between the innovative ecosystem of Oklahoma and those with similar attributes in North Brabant.

The results of that year-long collaboration has resulted in a delegation of 15 Oklahomans heading to Eindhoven, NL this week to participate in the inaugural meeting of the Network of International Creative Entrepreneurs. We are excited to be a part of this opportunity to bring the creative and entrepreneurial resources of Oklahoma to such a dynamic ecosystem… and bring some opportunities and relationships back to Oklahoma!

Attached are a few links that tell a bit about where we are going:



I look forward to sharing the results of this mission for Oklahoma with you when we return.


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