New Kids on the Block: Shakeup in Home Medical Equipment Manufacturers

The home medical equipment (HME) industry was long dominated by legacy manufacturers with a high barrier of entry. But over the past few years, we’ve begun to see cracks in the decades-old status quo emerge.

Cracks may be an understatement. What started as cracks in the industry has led to the levees breaking and the dam crumbling. We are now seeing a wave of new manufacturers enter the market in a shift that is changing the face and names of the HME industry.

For a bit of background, I’ve lived in and around the home health market since the early 90’s, mainly in the repair and supporting services spaces. My family founded the original, third-party repair center providing supporting services for all major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). I’ve been active in the medical device market since the days when oxygen concentrators sometimes had wood side panels and back when they didn’t always have four wheels.