Vote For Your 2024 IR Global Member Of The Year

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Voting is now open for our prestigious member of the year award! This award is given to our most active members of the network. 

Cast your vote at the following link:  IR Global Member of the Year 2024 – Vote (

Let’s take a look at this year’s finalists:

Katherine Evans

Mirkwood Evans Vincent – England

Katherine and her firm joined IR Global in 2014, and she has since been an invaluable member. Actively engaging in strategic referrals and promoting fellow members, Katherine’s dedication shines through her collaborative leadership style. She embodies the IR Global ethos, inspiring others with her commitment to mutual success.

Katherine’s approach has fostered robust relationships, creating an environment where everyone thrives.

Referral activity

Katherine has participated in a diverse range of inbound referrals, including those from members located in Turkey, Spain, Hong Kong, and Poland to name but a few. She has also shared referrals with numerous IR Global members across the globe, including members located across Europe and the US & Canada.

Key points from Katherine’s submission

Global Referral Success – Katherine consistently drives both inbound and outbound renewals, maintaining strong connections worldwide.

Dual Committee Leadership – As one of the few members serving on two committees the Technology and Ethics Committees, she brings a unique perspective and expertise to these critical areas.

Charitable Champion – Demonstrating her dedication, she ran a half marathon for Treesistance, the IR Global-supported charity initiative, showing her commitment to making a positive impact.

Ferruccio Bongiorni

Studio Bongiorni – Italy

Ferruccio and his firm, Studio Bongiorni, joined IR Global in 2022 and have since been exceptional advocates, promoting the network’s expertise to their clients.

Ferruccio’s open-door policy for visiting members and genuine passion for the network gives him a unique and valued position in IR Global, making him a positive force in our community’s growth and success.

Referral activity

Ferruccio has continued to work on a considerable number of joint referrals with members based across Europe and the US. He has also worked on several collaborative initiatives with firms across Europe to set up the Working Abroad Experience program, which is proving to be a great success and is further creating opportunities for member collaborations.

Key points from Ferruccio’s submission

Weekly Strategy Meeting – With a laser-focused IR Global strategy, Ferruccio holds weekly meetings with his firm to ensure everyone is aligned and on track.

Active Collaboration & Referrals – He has actively engaged in numerous referrals and collaborative projects with fellow members, driving significant results.

WAE Programme – He spearheaded the Working Abroad Experience (WAE) programme, creating invaluable international work opportunities that broaden horizons and enhance global expertise.

Brian Meegan

Kupfer. – US Colorado

Brian’s commitment to IR Global and its members is exemplary. Since joining the network in 2016, he has recruited new members from Washington and Ohio, enhancing the network’s reach.

Brian’s dedication to expanding membership and promoting collaboration demonstrates his commitment to IR Global’s success. His leadership impacts the network and its members significantly.

Referral activity

Brian has participated in a diverse range of inbound referrals from members in the US and Canada, among others. He has also shared numerous referrals with IR Global members worldwide, including those in the UAE, Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, and throughout the US. This extensive exchange highlights his commitment to fostering international professional connections and collaboration.

Key points from Brian’s submission

High Volume of Outbound Referrals – Brian has been incredibly proactive, sharing numerous outbound referrals and fostering strong connections.

US West Coast Leadership – As the leader of the US West Coast group, he has been instrumental in organising both online and in-person meetings, bringing members together in a dynamic and engaging way.

Strategic Partnership – By partnering with an IR Global Trusted Partner in the cyber sector, Brian has opened the door to exciting and ongoing collaboration opportunities for all member firms.

Congratulations to our 3 finalists for reaching this stage! Please click on each of their names to read their full submission & vote for your winner here: IR Global Member of the Year 2024 – Vote (

Please remember that you may only cast one vote and only member votes are counted.

We would also like to shout out our shortlisted firms for this year – de Bedin & Lee studio legale associato, ALMT Legal, Holst, Advokater, Charltons, Wong Fleming, Schwarz Law Partners LLP, The Burton Law Firm, PC, Sagiure Legal, SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte, Palli Law Firm, Schaffer & Partner, and Paoletti Law Group – all of whom have been active and supportive within the network.

Voting closes on Friday 13th September 2024. The winner will be announced during our upcoming Annual Conference in Paris

For any questions about our Member of the Year for 2024, please contact [email protected].