Modifications to the internal regulations of the Mexican National Customs Agency (ANAM)

On May 24 of this year, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit published in the Federal Registry (DOF) the DECREE amending, adding, and repealing several provisions of the “Decree amending and adding several provisions of the Internal Regulations of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the Internal Regulations of the Tax Administration Service, and issuing the Internal Regulations of the National Customs Agency of Mexico”, published on December 21, 2021 (hereinafter, “the Decree”), entering into force on May 25, 2022, and repealing any provision that opposes the Decree.

In terms of the Decree, Section III of Article 38 of ANAM’s Internal Regulations, which established among its powers the coordination of inland customs, is repealed; with this reform, the same article establishes that the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) will be the agency in charge of it. Therefore, the 50 customs offices will be coordinated either by SEDENA (border and inland customs) or by the Secretariat of the Navy (maritime customs). 

The Decree adds to ANAM’s structure the General Directorate of Electronic Processing of Customs Data (Article 4), which will be responsible for, among other matters:

  • Maintaining communication and collaborating with customs or foreign trade authorities of other countries, and assisting ANAM’s public servants in their relations with such authorities, with respect to matters relating to the entry and exit of goods into or out of national territory;
  • Planning, organization, implementation, direction and control of strategies to implement mechanisms and systems to prevent and combat illegal conduct related to the entry and exit of goods from the national territory, as well as studying, analyzing and investigating conduct related to the smuggling of goods, and combating such conduct;
  • Participating in the prevention of illicit activities in customs, fiscal and controlled areas, customs sections, checkpoints, and customs checkpoints and in airports, seaports, and railroad terminals or freight or passenger transportation, authorized for international traffic;
  • Directing and managing the Data Processing Center, and managing the Customs Monitoring Centers and their staff;
  • Recruiting, selecting, and training civilian and military personnel as foreign trade officers;
  • Coordinating with other administrative units of the ANAM and the SHCP, the agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration, and the authorities of the states and municipalities, the implementation of security measures and control at airports, seaports, railroad terminals or freight or passenger transportation terminals and border crossings authorized for international traffic.

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