Model deed of incorporation of a limited liability company with in-depth commentary by GESSEL professionals

Krzysztof Jasiński is a coauthor of the “Deed of incorporation of a limited liability company”, published by Wolters Kluwer in 2020.


In this book, GESSEL lawyers present an agreement establishing a limited liability company and pick apart its individual provisions for the benefit of the reader, dwelling briefly on the theoretical aspects (as presented in Polish business law doctrine) and then presenting their own practical experiences as to what stipulations work in practice, and when, sharing their own recommendations and caveats. 

For ease of reference, the book is structured around a basic deed of incorporation, with its successive paragraphs providing points of departure for the commentary. The authors discuss not only the mandatory elements of a deed of incorporation, but also additional and optional provisions which may be considered depending on the circumstances.

It is worth noting that, being as it is a new publication focusing on the current state of Polish business law, the book duly accounts for the significant legal changes introduced in 2020 with respect to streamlining the organisation of shareholder meetings and management board and supervisory board sessions with a view to countering the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.