MM & Associati FinaRota and COVID-19 Emergency in Italy

The spread of Covid-19 in Italy and the consequent health emergency in the last week has had a strong impact on companies, leading to uncertainties also from a fiscal and legal point of view.

In light of the measures that the Government is issuing and likely to issue in the coming weeks and in order to provide concrete help to our Clients, MM&Associati FinaRota has created a multidisciplinary Working Group able to answer questions, general or specific, that many of you are certainly asking.

The Working Group is made up of professionals who will be able to provide advice – in the field of Italian law – on the subject of: Labour, Administrative and Taxation, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Privacy, Criminal, Judicial, Commercial Contracts, Corporate and Compliance.

The team has already analyzed the best-known issues and prepared a first handbook that summarizes the most important areas on which Covid-19 has had an impact.
We are aware that there are many areas involved, which vary from company to company and that in the coming hours, as the situation evolves, new doubts may arise. To find an answer to all your questions, please write to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

To read the full handbook, please click here.