Member Spotlight – Business, insolvency, and following the logic of the law

Philippe Termote is as much a businessman as he his is a legal advisor.

His relationship with clients has always been to take a partnership approach – and that has proved to be remarkably successful since his management buy-out at Lige Advocaten seven years ago.

As a legal advisor specialising in insolvency, he understands the key to running a successful business and that involves taking risks when necessary. For Philippe, it’s essential to have a game plan and in 2013, along with three colleagues, he took that risk as part of the management buy-out team and he’s never looked back.

At the time he had been fully qualified for only four years – although he had been at Lige for seven years doing his internship there. But Phillipe was young, entrepreneurial and eager to join the team to do the deal.

While the MBO demonstrated the ambition of Phillipe and his colleagues, the following years confirmed their aspirations as the team rapidly grew the firm, expanding it from 11 lawyers in 2013 to 32 by 2018. It’s no coincidence that this growth and success has been achieved by using what Philippe terms “their collaborative relationships with clients”, always ensuring those relationships have the personal touch.

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