Meet the members – US, Mexico, and Canada

Made up of 3 powerhouse economies, North America continues to command the world’s commercial stage, ranking as a top location for business, but it’s not without its complications.

In such volatile times, there is a real need for cross-border collaboration for mutual market success. Historically the NAFTA trade agreement was in place to shape trade between the three regions, later changing to USMCA in 2020 to level the playing field of trade conditions.

In just two years, there are clear signs that the new agreement is having a positive economic impact across all three countries, with cross-regional trade rising from $166 billion to $267 billion in the first quarter.

These encouraging signs offer light relief to overseas investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses. However, the market is still susceptible to changing global situations, showing the need for reliable worldwide networking opportunities.

IR members benefit from access to a global network of over 165+ jurisdictions, helping fulfil their specific client requirements. Learn more about how working collaboratively across multi-jurisdictional publications benefited each country in our latest publication: IR Global Meet the Members – US – Mexico – Canada.

Explore the exciting opportunities our North American members experienced when they formed cohesive relationships across the globe with an IR Membership – in turn helping them to grow their global reach. 

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