Meet the Members – Europe 🌍

Our latest IR Global member publication features 55+ members from 18 jurisdictions.

After a turbulent few years for Europe, business and commercial opportunities remain robust, albeit slightly more complex than before. 

Europe remains one of the largest economies in the world, yet the outlook remains complex with geopolitical events having an impact on the region, particularly its financial and legal landscape. Alongside these changes, companies and individuals will have to navigate the challenges but also see the wealth of opportunities available within the region. 

Many of Europe’s emerging economies are set to achieve growth over the course of the year, with the likes of Romania and Poland set to continue their growth trend, driven largely by manufacturing. Other exciting emerging countries include Cyprus, Albania and Azerbaijan, all projected to reach 2.5% GDP this year. 

Europe is transforming the way it carries out business with much of it fuelled by global digitisation. The region’s relationship with technology continues to shift, changing regulations and guidance needed to govern these changes. Governments are introducing legislation as a response to the shift in technological changes from trademark and IP specifications around NFTs to clarifying legal standpoints regarding cryptocurrencies.

Within this publication, members from across Europe discuss the challenges for companies or individuals looking to do business in the area, also outlining the wealth of opportunities available.

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