Meet our Trusted Partners Mondaq and Lexology

At IR Global, we meticulously select our Trusted Partners, believing that any service we recommend will make a positive difference to both our members and the network alike. 

Our partner organisations share our ethos – to be partner-led, provide a personal service and have extensive cross-border experience. Our recommended providers offer a range of services that not only boost the awareness of your brand and practice areas, but act as your expert legal auditors, cyber law advisories and rankings directory. 

Want to expand your digital reach? 

A service regularly used by our members looking to expand their global reach are the content marketing platforms Mondaq & Lexology. 

The professional services firms showcase member content to an engaged global audience, creating new relationships and building firm and member awareness by driving website traffic, generating leads and providing market insights. 

We have seen the benefits of using Mondaq first-hand, achieving an impressive 56,000 article activities generated by our 53 published articles on the site which is why we’ve now expanded into Lexology too. 

Members who have authored on the platform have seen a global increase in traffic to their websites and Linkedin profiles, as well as getting an insight into their reader through a report on their industry, firm and role, helping build a receptive and active audience. 

Discover how Mondaq can enhance your viewership here.

Got a tricky legal query? Meet our newest Trusted Partner.

Lexology is the global legal research platform helping you respond quickly and accurately to your client’s legal questions.​ Covering 50+ work areas across 170+ jurisdictions, they provide their members with a one-stop shop for cross-border legal intelligence from the world’s leading experts and top-ranking law firms.​

Quick access to trusted, timely insight with tailored updates, forward-looking analysis and expert guidance combined with easy-to-use tools streamlines your search and is available all on one platform.

Learn more about the benefits of Lexology’s global legal research tool here.

Want to maximise your global audience and serve your clients with the best possible tools? Both Mondaq and Lexology are offering IR Global Members a 10% discount on their services.

Visit our website to find out more.

Are you a service provider that thinks they could benefit the IR Global network and its members? Contact [email protected] for more information.