McKenzie Scott Wins $6.55 Million Premises Liability/Trespass Verdict Against Energy Company BayWa r.e. LLC

WHAT: $6.55 Million Premises Liability/Trespass Verdict Secured Against International Energy Company

WHEN: November 15, 2022 Jury Trial Verdict Reached

WHO: Attorneys Tim Scott and Nicolas Jimenez of McKenzie Scott PC

WHERE: San Diego, California

WHY: McKenzie Scott PC, a San Diego civil rights and criminal trial firm, obtained a $6.55 million verdict on behalf of two local farmers against an international energy company that, according to the jury, trespassed and negligently caused flooding on their land. After a two-week trial, a twelve-member jury returned the verdict finding the solar energy company, BayWa re LLC, liable for negligently removing vegetation and changing the flow of surface water when they installed a solar project adjacent to the farmers’ property in Valley Center, California. The incident caused significant flooding upon the farm, as well as to other community members nearby.

The $6.55 million verdict included $4 million in disgorgement of profits for trespass and $1 million in emotional damages to the family affected by the flooding. “The last thing we wanted was litigation,” said Chris Ambuul, one of the plaintiffs, “but after two years of begging them to do the right thing we felt like we had no other choice. My family could not be more grateful for the jurors who put their lives on hold to sit on this jury to help perfect strangers seek justice.” “This was true community justice,” added trial lawyer Tim Scott. “A San Diego jury said loud and clear that when companies choose to make business decisions that help shareholders while hurting our community, there will be consequences at trial.”

Trial counsel on behalf of the flooding victims included Tim Scott, co-founder of McKenzie Scott PC and 2016 recipient of the San Diego Bar Association’s Trial Lawyer of the Year Award, and Nicolas O. Jimenez, an aggressive litigator with experience defending federal criminal cases and prosecuting appeals to the Ninth Circuit.

McKenzie Scott PC is a San Diego-based civil rights and criminal defense firm founded by former Federal public defenders Michele A. McKenzie and Timothy A. Scott – two dedicated trial attorneys with over 20 years of experience fighting for the little guy.

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