Making A Difference: IR Global LATAM Group helping local charities in Buenos Aires

In November 2023, the IR Global LATAM group hosted a member meeting in Buenos Aires. We are pleased to announce that the hosts and attendees decided to use the surplus from the event to make two donations to aid the local community: 

OGA Centro Madre María José 

$800.00 was donated to the Centro Madre María José (Villa Martelli). Every day, they assist 65 children (aged 6 – 21) from disadvantaged backgrounds with their schoolwork. They vary their approach for each child’s specific needs in order to improve their learning experience – examples include sports, role playing, board games and workshops.

Parroquia Santa Clara de Asís

A further $1,000.00 was donated to Santa Clara de Asís. They have a kindergarten and also accompany primary and secondary aged children with schoolwork.Thank you to Canosa Abogados, Zang Bergel & Viñes Abogados, Venetucci and Prepelitchi Abogados for organising the meeting and arranging the subsequent donations.