M&A Yearbook 2019 – Highlights from GESSEL’s transaction work in the previous year

The corona crisis is making itself felt in practically all realms of business, and of life in general. We at GESSEL continue to stand by our Clients in these unusual times, assisting them with specific issues as well as keeping track of developments in the legal environment as the Polish state seeks to soften the economic impact of the Covid-19 outbreak (please see HERE). We are proud to say that, the unusual circumstances notwithstanding, we have been proceeding with previously planned negotiations, signings, and closings (for some examples, please see HERE). 

We now find ourselves in the first days of a gradual easing of the lock-down in Poland, setting out to restore some semblance of normality to commercial life in the country. We hope that this is a good moment to present to you the newest edition of our M&A Yearbook, summarising our firm’s work in this area in 2019. The previous year has been a busy, but successful one, as testified to not only by the volume and value of the transactions we have had the pleasure of advising on, but also by the numerous accolades.

The Yearbook presents highlight of our M&A work in 2019 not only from our own perspective, but also that of our Clients. At 29 M&A transactions over the course of 2019, we are going at a steady rate compared with the previous year (28 closings in 2018) as regards the number of deals. The aggregate value of the transactions we advised on, meanwhile, exceeded PLN 2 bln in 2019, as compared with PLN 1.2 bln in 2018 !

We take this opportunity to thank our Clients for their continued trust and for the opportunity to join them in so many exciting projects !

We at GESSEL join in the general hope that the worst of the crisis, in terms of public health and of the economy, is already behind us and that, at this time next year, we can bring you an equally varied summary. In the meantime, we invite you to follow us on social media, and we wish you good health and perseverance in the corona crisis.