Legislations needed by the industrial investor in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Based on the role of Middle East Alliance Legal Consultancy office; in enlightening its clients in regards with all the latest legislations in various economic sectors. We have developed a comprehensive book for all legislation related to the industrial investment in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Either the legislations issued by the Industrial Development Bureau, or those issued by other administrative bodies that are linked indivisibly with the industrial project.


The first Part of the book contained the most important federal and local legislations related to each stage of the industrial project life cycle separately. The industrial project life cycle has been divided into five phases, which are the start-up phase of the industrial project, the construction and installation phase, the production phase, the sale, production and export phase, and the industrial project completion phase.


Whereas the second Part of the book contained any regional and international agreements that had a direct impact on the industrial sector.


The book also included, at the beginning, an illustrative layout to show the stages of the industrial project and the legislation related to each stage, so that the industrial investor would be able completely to view all these legislations without going deep into the details of those legislation.


Middle East Alliance Legal Consultancy office hopes that this book will contribute in the enhancing of the legal awareness among the pioneers in the industrial sector, in a way that this Book will serve as a guiding light for every industrial investor on the land of the United Arab Emirates.


Dr. Mohammed Haitham Salman


Managing Partner