Legal Tech in labour law

Published 20 August 2019 by CAPELLE Rechtsanwälte

Dr. Sebastian Schröder, and other colleagues created a worth reading round table on the subject of Legal Tech in Labour Law. In his article on Legal Chatbots, he explains why companies should keep an eye on virtual assistants in the upcoming digitalisation of their HR departments.

Legal chatbots are programs that automatically communicate with a human user on platforms. They answer questions of (human) users and simulate a conversation. The obvious advantage: chatbots can store data, answer questions more specifically and quickly than any human, and are always available. Nevertheless, companies that use legal chatbots also have limits to consider. Data protection laws must be followed and further risks such as false answers can occur. In case of doubt, this can be very expensive. However, legal chatbots also offer companies a great opportunity to support the HR sector, e.g. by helping to introduce new employees, or by allowing them to take parental or holiday leave.

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