COVID-19: Legal and Precautionary Measurements

There is no doubt that the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on all the countries all over the world, with no exception, has never been witnessed by the existing governments, countries, companies, authorities, economic sectors, and has never been witnessed by the modern economy before. Hence, that crisis impacts on, not only certain economic clusters or sectors, but all sectors as well, passing through the human level in the first place, and the economic challenges in the second place, according to the importance of the strategic impact.

This Article aims at focusing on the role of companies, authorities, and economic entities to provide executive mechanisms to go through such economic crisis, in terms of reducing risks and getting prepared for any severe economic waves after the global pandemic crisis is over, as we currently see the existing challenges by which the economic entities and companies, either start-ups, local companies or the business sectors; particularly, the multi-national companies are impacted (due to the duplicated size of risks).

In this article, we will shed light on several important issues to be considered for reducing risks as much as possible, performance improvement and production speeding up after things has got better and this plight has gone.