Labour claim /Representative’s liability

A seafarer, employed onboard a vessel by virtue of an employment agreement entered into with the ves­ sers managds representative, sued for unpaid amounts.

He sued the owner, the manager, and two individuals as manager,s consecutive representatives.

The Court found all defendants were liable. Apart from the owner, joint and several liability applies for the owner,s representative, who is the manager. Further, the individual representing the manager is also jointly and severally liable. Here, there were two consecutive representatives during the seafarer1s period of employment, so they were both held liable.

Piraeus one-membered Court of Appeal Judgment no 711/ 2018, Judge: E. Nikolakopoulou,Attorneys at law: G. Koutroubousis,Aik. Tsimenidi, Maritime Law Review vol. 46,p. 262.

NOTE: The defendants alleged the employment contract was entered into when the seafarer boarded

the vessel, at a port outside Greece. However, the Court opined that the pre-contract for employment, entered into in Greece, produced legal effects and justified Greek Court jurisdiction.

The legal column was written by Manolis Eglezos, Attorney at law, Manolis Eglezos & Associates Law Firm, Attorneys at Law and Consultants