Joost de Leeuw of DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions joins IR as a Rising Star

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce that Joost de Leeuw of DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions has joined IR as our exclusive a Rising Star.

After a short period as a journalist and translator, Joost has found his calling in the legal world. With business in his blood, he has always been attracted to entrepreneurship. During his studies, he was struck by the enormous inequality between the tax possibilities for multinationals and those for SMEs. He feels that this is too disruptive to the markets. Therefore, it is Joost’s ambition to make tax benefits accessible to all entrepreneurs. In this area, he is committed at both a policy and client level. After 7.5 years with DTS, Joost is currently working as tax manager and is, among other things, responsible for the Asia Desk

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Joost directly or with the IR Global head office for an introduction. [email protected]