Join our IP experts Kirian Claeyé and Isabelle Vermeyen for our IP Update on Thursday 28 September from 13:30 – 14:30.

Saisie: Recent Developments

It has been almost three years since our IP team launched its first session of a series of online webinars, a.k.a. IP Updates, in December 2020. These webinars are no longer the only possibility to stay in touch with you (which it was in a time of lockdowns resulting from COVID-19), but we understand and agree that such short online sessions on a selected topic remain valuable.

As some of you may remember, that first session was on the Belgian saisie-contrefaçon (a type of discovery raids based on IP rights) and the team is now back to provide you with an update on this topic. You are very welcome to join us if you want to know what (not) to do in case of a discovery raid (or saisie-contrefaçon), whether as the IP holder or the alleged infringer, including:

• What you need and should look out for when drafting and filing a saisie request?
• How to act and react during the execution of the saisie?
• What’s next after the execution of the saisie?
• And of course, what has changed in the last three years?

This webinar will be in English and has been accredited with 1 point by the IBJ/IJE.

We hope to virtually see you soon,