John Curzon features in the IR Virtual Round Table Series: Accountancy Working Group 2017

Cross-Border Company Formations: Finding the right structures to meet client expectations

International expansion has many challenges ranging from accessing new markets, absorbing new regulations and sourcing new employees. Before all this can happen though, the way a company is structured needs to be prioritised to ensure the business can operate efficiently and effectively.

Efficient structuring can be crucial to find the right vehicle with the right features and flexibility to meet the unique demands of a client’s operations. Partnerships, limited liability companies, public corporations, trusts and sole proprietorships all have different features designed to suit different commercial enterprises.

Tax efficiency and privacy are also important considerations and jurisdictions across the world will have different regimes. Understanding how specific vehicles available in various countries treat taxation and privacy can help clients to make decisions about which jurisdictions to locate businesses in or where to develop holding structures for international assets.

With this in mind IR Global brought nine members of its Accountancy Group together to discuss company formations. The aim of the feature is to give members and their clients some insight into innovative approaches to company formation strategies across a range of jurisdictions. We assess the structuring options available and tap the expertise of each participant to understand when and how certain vehicles should be used and the benefits each can offer.

We also consider how recent global regulatory changes such as CRS and FATCA have affected company formation and highlight important domestic regulations or bodies in each jurisdiction that will influence structuring options. The following discussion involves IR Global members from the United States – Arizona and Oklahoma, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Isle of Man, Belgium, Spain and Hong Kong.


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