Is Twitter under Musk About to Embark on Profile Monetization?


This linked article, which includes Elon Musk’s own message, suggests that Twitter may utilize cryptocurrency to compensate users whose influencer status drives advertising revenue responded favorably to a tweet encouraging compensation for users who drive viewership through their content. A more universal revenue model Musk might have in mind is for Twitter users to own their profile – a Digital Identity metamorphosis at Twitter.

The Musk tweet claimed that pundits have been wrong about his intentions for Twitter. Further, Musk responded favorably to a tweet encouraging better monetization options on the platform for influencers. Separately, media reports suggest that cryptocurrency and blockchain may be robustly integrated on Twitter, expanding upon the use of NFTs for user profiles. 

With Meta already deeply investing in metaverse ventures, there can be little doubt that Twitter will also expand its Web3 integrations. In my estimation, Digital Identity stands to be adopted in some form. As I have written, blockchain has architecturally-embedded features that enable data ownership and tracking. It seems logically and intrinsically inevitable that data-as-property, including Digital Identity, will become increasingly adopted as Twitter and Meta compete in the marketplace.