#IRAMSTERDAM19 – Social Sponsors – Rachida el Johari & Madeleine Molster

Whilst in Amsterdam IR Global sat with Rachida el Johari & Madeleine Molster of Sagiure Legal B.V. to give an update on all things related to IR Sagiure and IR Global. Rachida & Madeleine speak about their firms areas of expertise, their client base, how they utilise their memberships and the IR network, referral activity their firm has had from the network and relationships that have formed as a direct result of those referrals, how it’s important to their clients that they are part of a global network and much more.

Rachida & Madeleine are IR Globals exclusive members for Employment Law in The Netherlands, to find out more about them, their experience and their firm please visit their member profiles here: https://bit.ly/2R6CsMj

To watch the full video, please click here.