IR Social Responsibility: Introducing Lucky Sevan Foundation


At IR Global we are proud to hear that so many IR members have charitable elements to their businesses and lives and are making a difference in different ways and parts of the world. We feel this is really highlights and defines the organization’s nature and what we stand for. To support members we have set up our social responsibility group in order to share our members charitable exploits to the wider group.

We are pleased to be able highlight Todd Skinner & Evan Rogers of Skinner Clouse Group, US – Arizona’s Foundation: Lucky Sevan Foundation

“Our legacy at our firm will not only be how many hundreds of millions in U.S. dollars we have saved our clients, but rather how many millions of lives have we empowered for good, and rescued through our foundation! 

With suicide rates for teens 15-24 at an all time high, we feel a deep stewardship in our hearts and souls to provide what we have found to be the antidote.

Through the tireless development of our leadership retreat programs through our Lucky Sevan Foundation these past 15 years in the U.S., we have custom tailored to youth 15-19 an extremely viable program that is hitting this epidemic head on plaqueing our future leaders. 

Through daily surf instruction, yoga and meditation, workshops, teambuilding, and devotionals taught by experienced successful dynamic leaders, we are better preparing them to face the challenges of today with a much greater resilience and hope equiping them to actively build a better tomorrow, for themselves.” – Todd Skinner & Evan Rogers of Skinner Clouse Group, US – Arizona

If you would like further information on the foundation please contact Todd directly or review the below link: