IR Global Press Release with Steven Weigler- The Rise Of Influencer Marketing: How To Protect Your Company’s Liability

Unless you have a flip phone, you are exposed to influencer marketing every day. Influencing started as something only pro-athletes and celebrities could accomplish by having their face associated with cereal (think Michael Jordan) and shoes (think Michael Jordan). Not anymore.

According to, there are between 3.2 million and 27.8 million influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and/or TikTok who profit by posting their “opinions” on products. Influencer marketing is now a $13.8 billion global industry. One reason influencer marketing has become such a staple in marketing techniques is the accessibility of influencers to any company of any size and type. Have you heard of Sophie Hinchliffe? With her 4.4 million Instagram followers in the area of home cleaning, she would be a good one for any detergent brand to get to know. @Juliatakesahike? She has 5,688 Instagram followers who seek her advice on hiking trails and adventures and is an influencer for a wide variety of clothing brands from 32 Degrees to Drifted Co.

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