IR Global ‘On the Road’ San Diego – Meet the Sponsors

In just over a month, we’re headed to San Diego for our next ‘On the Road’ conference.

San Diego is renowned for its idyllic climate, pristine beaches and a dazzling array of world-class attractions, so we thought California’s second largest city would be the perfect location for our North American event!

Let’s learn more about some of our amazing event sponsors who help to make it happen, starting with our headline sponsors:

Barnes Roffe

Barnes Roffe is an independent firm of Chartered Accountants and business advisors. They are one of the UK’s top 50 accounting firms, with over 20 partners and more than 150 employees, all committed to delivering outstanding value to their clients.

Michael Parkinson and Duncan Stannett will be in attendance, who are both exclusive IR Global members for Accounting Services in England.

Braumiller Law Group

Braumiller Law Group, PLLC, focuses on international trade compliance and proven strategies to optimize global trade business practices. Founder Adrienne Braumiller, Marketing VP Bob Brewer and President Brad Menard will be representing the firm in San Diego.

Adrienne Braumiller and Bob Brewer are both exclusive IR Global members for Trade & Customs Law in Texas. Go to their member profiles to learn more by clicking on their names.

Curran Antonelli

Curran Antonelli navigates a broad range of commercial litigation cases, including cross border insolvency, institutional creditors’ rights, and bet the company litigation.

Managing Partner, Thomas H. Curran, is an exclusive IR Global member for Commercial Litigation in Massachusetts, Debt & Asset Recovery in Texas and Cannabis Advisory in Massachusetts.

Founding Member, Peter Antonelli, is an exclusive IR Global member for Insolvency in Connecticut.


MZLS LLC is a boutique law firm located in San Juan Puerto Rico, that brings many years of distinguished experiences. Their sophisticated team of attorneys come from different backgrounds including the executive and legislative branches of government, public and private corporations as well as major local law firms.

Representing the firm in San Diego is Founding Member, Anthony O. Maceira Zayas, who is an exclusive IR Global member for Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Crypto and Digital Asset Advisory in Puerto Rico. Visit Anthony’s member profile by clicking on his name above.

Social Sponsors

Sanli Pastore & Hill

Sanli Pastore & Hill’s team is sought-after for special situations requiring expert financial opinions in high-stakes circumstances. They provide expert testimony and opinions in both transactions and disputes.

You can meet President and Founder, Nevin Sanli, who is an exclusive IR Global member for Forensic Accounting in California, in San Diego.

Harrison Law PLLC

Harrison Law, PLLC provides high-quality representation for the variety of legal areas that a typical corporation, its owners, and employees would encounter, from individuals and start-up companies to multi-billion dollar organizations.

You can meet Matthew Harrison, an exclusive IR Global member for Civil Law and Construction Law in Arizona, as well as Sarah Bauer, IR Global Rising Star in Arizona, in San Diego. 

Allen Barron, Inc.

Allen Barron provides integrated high-level business consulting services to provide a competitive advantage to their clients.

You can meet Founder, Janathan Allen, who is an exclusive IR Global member for Business Advisory Services in California, in San Diego.

Skinner Clouse Group

Skinner Clouse Group is an Arizona premier CPA firm providing accounting and tax services, planning and management advisory to businesses and individuals.

You can meet Todd Skinner, exclusive IR Global member for Tax (Accountants) in Arizona since 2017 and a committee member for our Corporate Services group, and Tyson Weekes, exclusive IR Global advisor for Mergers & Acquisitions in Arizona, in San Diego. 

Blanchard, Krasner & French

Blanchard, Krasner & French help businesses and individuals navigate through complex real estate transactions, assisting clients in taking advantage of tax and asset protection laws to effectively plan for the future. 

You can meet Co-Founder, Robert W. Blanchard, an exclusive IR Global member for Real Estate in California and Jordan E. Ondatje, IR Global Rising Star in California, in San Diego.

To facilitate a meeting with any of our sponsors, please contact your client manager who will be happy to help you arrange this. Furthermore, if you’re going to be at the conference, make sure you say hello – we look forward to seeing you there, whether this is your first event with us or one of many!