The Future of Advisory: IR Global and ISPA’s Collaborative Vision

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We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between IR Global and the International Succession Planning Association® (ISPA). 

This collaboration is poised to set new standards of excellence for legal, financial, and business advisors worldwide. By leveraging the collective expertise of both networks, we aim to empower IR Global members with unmatched succession planning tools and strategies, enhancing client satisfaction and driving business growth. 

At IR Global, we are redefining professional services, shifting from traditional models to a more integrated, cost-effective approach. Our network unites top-tier professionals in a sharing economy, prioritising ethical practices, sustainability, and client value. 

Our partnership with ISPA aligns their comprehensive suite of tools and resources with our extensive network. This synergy enhances the capabilities of IR Global members, enabling them to deliver more profound and strategic succession planning services. With access to ISPA’s innovative tools, our members can offer holistic solutions that meet the complex needs of high-net-worth business owners.

Grow Your High-Net-Worth Business Owner Practice Workshop

At our ‘On the Road’ conference in Boston next week, ISPA invites attendees to their workshop “Grow Your High-Net-Worth Business Owner Practice”. 

This session is exclusively designed for IR Global members aiming to elevate their practice through strategic client retention, acquisition, and comprehensive succession planning.

The workshop has the following objectives:

  • Understand Dynamics – Gain deep insights into the family, interpersonal, and owner motivation dynamics that influence clients’ decision-making processes.
  • Strategic Networking – Learn effective strategies for building and nurturing your strategic partner network to enhance your firm’s capabilities.
  • Service Diversification – Discover how to integrate comprehensive succession planning into your service offerings, positioning you as the quarterback advisor in your client’s business journey.

Reasons to attend include:

  • Learning and Development – Acquire practical insights into handling complex client scenarios, ensuring continuity and stability in their business and estate planning.
  • Network Expansion – Equip yourself with tactics to identify potential partners and foster relationships that elevate your practice to a central advisory role.
  • Service Diversification – Explore how to extend beyond traditional services to include specialised consulting that addresses comprehensive succession needs.

This partnership and the upcoming workshop in Boston are more than just opportunities—they are essential strategies for staying competitive and proactive in today’s dynamic business environment. You can learn more here.

Join ISPA to unlock the full potential of your practice, enhance your marketability, and drive impactful growth. Elevate your practice and become a leader in the realm of succession planning with IR Global and ISPA.

This blog draws from an original piece by the International Succession Planning Association® (ISPA). To read their full blog, click here.