IR Digital – Stefan Drawetz, Grazer Treuhand Steuerberatung GmbH & Partner KG, Austria


Dr. Stefan Drawetz is IR Global’s exclusive Tax (Accountants) and Tax (Law) member in Austria. Stefan is a partner of Grazer Treuhand Steuerberatung GmbH & Partner KG.

During the recent IR Global conference in Berlin, Stefan used the services of IR Digital to film a firm led video which you can see via the link below:

During the video Stefan speaks on the current business environment within the Austria and how Grazer Treuhand Steuerberatung GmbH & Partner KG can assist domestic and international clients.

Grazer Treuhand was founded in 2003 by six renowned and independent tax consulting agencies joining forces. Currently Grazer Treuhand is represented at three locations in Styria and about 50 employees and 6 partner look after all the needs of clients.

The objective consisted and consists in bringing in each individual’s personal competencies in order to create a knowledge and experience pool, which will guarantee top consulting quality to all clients and help to secure this quality for many decades.

“Tax consultancy goes far beyond pure determination and optimization of taxes! We understand what we are doing as being comprehensive and holistic support. All members of the team of Grazer Treuhand work hand in hand every day in order to guarantee the best consulting and support services to each client by doing their work with personal commitment and dedication and sharing their manifold qualifications. Each single team member endeavours to re-establish the basis for long-standing good cooperation again and again in personal contact with the clients.”

The clients cannot only feel consulting quality but also human quality, which arises from collaboration that is effectively translated into practice every day and reflects the motto of Grazer Treuhand, which is sustained by all employees and partners.

“Consulting requires understanding and comprehension.”

For any requirements in these areas please contact Stefan directly:

+43 316 4780
[email protected]