Introduction to new Accountancy Firm Member in Belgium.


International Referral the global network of business lawyers, is delighted to introduce Yves Lecot of Comptafid Benelux NV. Yves has joined the Legal network; as our exclusive Commercial Accountancy member in Belgium.

Comptafid Benelux NV is a Belgian company established in Brussels since 1978 and Antwerp since 1995. The company is mainly active in accountancy and tax advice (national and international).
Additionally to its own services, Comptafid Benelux guides its clients to the different specialists on the Belgian market such as notary firms, law firms, insurance brokers, real estate and financial specialists, marketing and publicity firms, etc.
Comptafid Benelux NV services Belgian clients and the same time focuses on foreign clients for their Belgian as well as their international transactions.
Located in the capital of Europe, Comptafid Benelux NV is committed to produce high quality work on a personal basis, delivered and aimed at practical solutions.
With its international experience, Comptafid Benelux NV emphasizes the knowledge of languages and is sensitive to different legal cultures. Languages such as English, French, Dutch and German are commonly spoken in the company.
If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Yves directly or with the International Referral head office for an introduction.
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