Strategising For Success At International Events

Our Trusted Partner, John Kormanik, will be hosting a virtual session on Thursday 6th June at 4pm (UK Time)

The session aims to empower IR Global members to maximise their international conference experience, fostering a sense of community and collaboration before in-person meetings occur. 

John will equip you with the necessary tools and strategies to define and achieve “success” through effective networking and business development. By the end of the session, each participant will have developed a personalised action plan, aligned with the SMART framework, to optimise their opportunities at future international conferences.

With our ‘On the Road’ Conference in Boston coming up at the end of June as well as our Annual Conference in Paris later this year, John’s session serves as a great opportunity to get the most out of every event that you attend.

If you’d like to register, you can do so at the following link.

For more information about John and his coaching services, visit or email [email protected]