GUZMÁN & MOLINA, Abogados joins IR as the exclusive Commercial Arbitration Member in Dominican Republic


IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Lucas A. GUZMÁN LÓPEZ of GUZMÁN & MOLINA, Abogados. Lucas has joined IR as our exclusive Commercial Arbitration Member in Dominican Republic.

GUZMÁN & MOLINA, Abogados (“GMA”) is a young and energetic law firm founded in March 2018 by Lucas A. GUZMÁN LÓPEZ and Paola M. MOLINA ESTÉVEZ, and placed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. GMA concentrates two main areas of services: litigation and business, both from an entity and a personal perspective.

As part of litigation services, GMA covers all areas related to conflicts-management and dispute resolution in private and public law, both from the approach of the victim and from the defense, from the traditional civil and commercial (with emphasis on contractual and corporate conflicts, civil liability, tort claims, foreclosures, and bankruptcy) to tax, administrative, criminal, labor, and real estate matters, as well as local and international arbitration and other alternative methods to settle disputes. 

Its litigation practice is the perfect blend of a big-size law firm mentality with a sole practitioner’s perspective. It has the vision, organization, and availability to cover all areas of the law of a big firm as well as the personalized, detail-oriented, and hands-on approach of a small and more controllable structure, such as a sole practitioner.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Lucas directly, or with the IR Global Head Office for an introduction. 

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