Gilad Berman Law Firm & Notary – Insurance Law

Insurance Law

The Firm deals with all matters of insurance disputes. The firm participates in construing insurance policies along side negotiating insurance terms representing both insurance companies and private individuals and companies. The firm deals with various insurance claims, inter alia, personal injury, road accidents, car & property damage, product and professional liability and life insurance.

The firm offers additional legal activity representing clients in matters against the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Defense.

The firm provides constant advice in matters of underinsurance, reinsurance, double insurance aspects and risk assessment.

Our attorneys are well experienced in insurance matters and familiar with the intricate details of various insurance laws and regulations, by that we assist expediting up and maximizing the claims of our clients both in the negotiation stage as well as during the litigation.

The firm holds strong connections with a variety of medical & engineering experts for the benefit of our clients and their needs.